How high-tech does your classic Chevy’s suspension need to be? Are you “satisfied” with the OE leaf springs and old-school shock absorbers that give an “okay” ride with no performance abilities? If not, we might have found something that can not only improve your car’s handling, but make it a lot more fun to drive. Have you ever heard of a torque arm suspension? The factory used the basic design on Camaros and Firebirds from 1982 to 2003.


This torque Arm with Watts-Link is for ’67-’69 Camaro. The kits are available for cars with stock wheel wells, and those with mini tubs.

Well, the folks at Chris Alston Chassisworks took this basic suspension design and improved upon it. We decided to get the skinny about their g-Link rear suspension, and see why it needs to be on your radar. We asked Lino Chestang of Chassisworks why enthusiasts should consider the g-Link rear suspension.


The g-Link torque arm is also available with a complete rear frame for custom applications.

“The general and obvious benefit is improved handling performance over the stock suspension, but just about any aftermarket system or add-on product could make the same claim. Where the g-Link systems excel beyond this basic claim is in the broad range of performance targets we can hit,” he said.


Chassisworks’ ’64-’67 Chevelle GM A-body g-Link suspension system

He mentioned system, and that is a valid statement, as this is more than just a bolt-on part. “Many times, a suspension upgrade might include just the shocks or a combination of shocks and springs. But not in the case of g-Link. The g-Link was originally conceived to be an ecosystem of components and setup options that allow the customer to configure a system specific to their particular performance goals. For example, a simple poly-bushed control arm set matched with preset-valve coilovers and bolt-on brackets for the OE housing is an excellent low-cost option for a mild-mannered street car,” he told us. But, there are also kits designed for those looking to have the ultimate torque arm suspension.

Chassisworks can also configure the g-Link system with offset pivot-ball lower arms, double-adjustable upper arms, and adjustable-valve coilovers or air-spring shocks, with a narrowed, fabricated 9-inch-style rearend housing. Both are g-Link systems, they are just optioned differently. Basically, Chassisworks can put together optimized systems for just about any type of performance application including street, show, autocross, road course, and even the occasional trip to the drag strip.

So, if you are looking for a skillfully engineered system with multiple geometry and setting adjustments for tuning and refinement, Chassisworks’ Torque Arm g-Link Suspension is something you need to check out. “The g-Link product group originally began as a retro-fit canted four-link system, but has since expanded to include torque arm suspensions. The torque arm suspensions are a completely different beast and will appeal to true driving enthusiasts looking for even greater performance,” Lino explained. As Lino eluded, both their canted four-bar and g-Link suspensions are part of the g-Link family, so give Chassisworks a call, and talk to them about which is the better fit for your car.

Applications not only include ’64-‘72 Chevelle, ’67-‘81 Camaro/Firebird, and ’62-‘72 Chevy II/Nova, but a custom-fit suspension and a complete rear frame clip system for other vehicle applications. Direct-fit packages include fabricated torque arm, g-Link tubular-steel pivot ball lower arms, Watts link lateral locator, VariShock billet-aluminum coilovers, weld-on frame brackets, and optional billet-arm splined-end anti-roll bar.

Mounting of the torque arm does require a 9-inch-style center section and Chassisworks subframe g-Connector chassis stiffening system or weld-in tubular crossmember. Weld-on lower axle brackets are available separately, or as part of the optional, factory-welded FAB9 rearend housing. Bolt-on brackets for GM multi-leaf spring pads are available for certain applications. For complete details visit Chassisworks.

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